Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology of Eurasia 43 (1) 2015
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Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology
of Eurasia

43 (1) 2015





D. Davoudi, B. Bazgir, R. Abbasnejad, D. Barsky, A. Ollé, and M. Otte. The Lower Paleolithic of Iran: Probing New Finds from Mar Gwergalan Cave (Holeylan, Central Zagros) p. 3 - 15.

I.V. Fedyunin. The Mesolithic of the Forest-Steppe Don Area: Retrospective and Prospective Reviews p. 16 - 27.


K.Y. Kiryushin. Morphology and Decoration of Ceramics from Novoilyinka III—A Chalcolithic Settlement in Northern Kulunda, Southwestern Siberia p. 28 - 39.

S.N. Korenevskiy. Two New Finds of the Chalcolithic–Bronze Age from the Fars River in the Northwestern Caucasus p. 40 - 46.

V.I. Molodin, L.N. Mylnikova, Y. N. Garkusha, and D.V. Selin. Late Bronze Age Burial Complexes of the Pakhomovskaya Culture, Eastern Variant (Site of Grishkina Zaimka, Baraba) p. 47 - 60.

Y.S. Hudiakov, K.S. Tabaldiev, and A.Y. Borisenko. Weaponry, Adornments, and Garment Accessories from the Krasnyi Stroitel Site in the Chuy Valley of Kyrgyzstan p. 61 - 72.

D.P. Volkov, S.V. Kovalenko, I.A. Ermatsans, and A.I. Palazhchenko. Pendant Cross from Fort Albazin: Problems of Attribution p. 73 - 80.

O.V. Kardash and A.V. Sokolkov. Kholyato-1 Ritual Complex on the Yamal Peninsula p. 81 - 91.

A.P. Borodovsky. The Medieval Metal Face from Novosibirsk Region as an Item of the Transcultural Material Complex in Western Siberia p. 92 - 96.

I.V. Kovtun. Johann Georg Gmelin and Tomskaya Pisanitsa (to the Three Hundred and Fifth Anniversary of the Researcher’s Birth) p. 97 - 100.

R.G. Kurmanov and A.R. Ishbirdin. Vegetation Reconstruction in the Ufa II Fortifi ed Settlement and in Adjacent Landscapes According to the Palynological Analysis Data p. 101 - 109.

E.N. Gorlova, О.А. Krylovich, А.V. Tiunov, B.F. Khasanov, D.D. Vasyukov, and А.B. Savinetsky. Stable-Isotope Analysis as a Method of Taxonomical Identifi cation of Archaeozoological Material p. 110 - 121.


Y.E. Berezkin. Siberian Folklore and the Na-Dené Origins p. 122 - 134.

A.Y. Mainicheva. “As the Measure and Beauty Suggest”: Traditional Principles of Geometry in Russian Orthodox Churches p. 135 - 143.


T.A. Chikisheva, N.V. Polosmak, and A.V. Zubova. The Burial at Ak-Alakha-3 Mound 1, Gorny Altai: New Findings p. 144 - 154.


Pavel Kozhin, a Moscow Siberian (in Honor of his 80th Birthday) p. 155 - 157.