Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology of Eurasia 35 (3) 2008
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Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology
of Eurasia

35 (3) 2008





S.V. Batarshev and A.N. Popov. Sergeyevka-1: Neolithic Site in the Khanka Plain, and the Typology of Middle Neolithic Sites in Primorye p. 2 - 13.


A.P. Derevianko and V.E. Medvedev. Cultural Change during the Late Prehistoric Period in Southern Primorye (Based on Archaeological Evidence from the Bulochka Settlement) p. 14 - 35.

E.N Chernykh. Formation of the Eurasian “Steppe Belt” of Stockbreeding Cultures: Viewed through the Prism of Archaeometallurgy and Radiocarbon Dating p. 36 - 53.

V.I. Molodin, L.N. Mylnikova, and L.S. Kobeleva. Stages in the Settlement History of Chicha-1: The Results of Ceramic Analysis p. 54 - 67.

P.V. Mandryka. New Early Iron Age Culture in the Southern Taiga Zone of Central Siberia p. 68 - 76.

N.Yu. Kuzmin. Prospects for Correlating Radiocarbon and Archaeological Chronologies of the Scythian and Hunno- Sarmatian Age Burials in the Sayan-Altai Region p. 77 - 87.

N.A. Tkacheva and A.A. Tkachev. The Role of Migration in the Evolution of the Andronov Community p. 88 - 96.

I.V. Kovtun. The Bear Image in Western Siberian Art of the 2nd Millennium BC and its Relevance for Delimiting the Eastern Periphery of the Samus Culture p. 97 - 104.


E.L. Frolova. Ethnic and Cultural Functions of Name in Traditional Japanese Society p. 105 - 112.

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The Kazakhs of Northwestern Mongolia. Everyday Life and Holidays in Summer Pastures p. 129 - 142.


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