Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology of Eurasia 46 (1) 2018
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ISSN 1563 0110

Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology
of Eurasia

46 (1) 2018


DOI: 10.17746/1563-0110.2018.46.1



A.Y. Fedorchenko, S.V. Shnaider, М.T. Krajcarz, M.E. Romanenko, А.K. Abdykanova, К.А. Kolobova, S. Alisher kyzy, W. Taylor, and А.I. Krivoshapkin. Personal Ornament Production Technology in the Early Holocene Complexes of Western Central Asia: Insights from Obishir-5 p. 3 - 15.

E.V. Doronicheva, A.G. Nedomolkin, A.A. Muriy, M.A. Kulkova, T.V. Sapelko, and E.S. Nosevich. Hadjoh-2: A Middle Paleolithic Workshop-Camp in Northwestern Caucasus p. 16 - 26.

A.A. Shalapinin. The Late Chalcolithic Ceramics of the Volga Forest-Steppe p. 27 - 33.


V.A. Deryugin, S.V. Sukhoverkhov, Yoshihiro Ujiie, and A.D. Pavlov. On the Origin of Natural Bitumen at Yasnoye-8 (Sakhalin Island) p. 34 - 40.

Р.К. Dashkovsky and N.F. Stepanova. Inskoy Dol: A New Early Bronze Age Site in Western Altai p. 41 - 50.

V.Y. Mogritskaya. Decorated Birch-Bark Artifacts from the Ust-Polui Sanctuary (100 BC to 100 AD) p. 51 - 58.

L.N. Ermolenko, A.I. Soloviev, and Zh.K. Kurmankulov. An Old Turkic Statue from Borili, Ulytau Hills, Central Kazakhstan: Issues in Interpretation p. 59 - 65.

T.N. Prudnikova. On Ancient Agriculture in Arid Regions of Central Asia: The Case of the Uvs Nuur Basin p. 66 - 75.

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V.A. Batsevich, O.V. Yasina, and A.V. Sukhova. Secular and Age-Related Dynamics of Biological Characteristics in the Rural Population of Mongolia: A Study of Environmental Adaptation p. 144 - 153.


Always Moving Forward: On the Seventy-Fifth Birthday of A.P. Derevianko p. 154 - 156.