Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology of Eurasia 42 (2) 2014
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Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology
of Eurasia

42 (2) 2014





N.S. Bolikhovskaya and M.V. Shunkov. Pleistocene Environments of the Northwestern Altai: Vegetation and Climate p. 2 - 17.

T. Yamaoka. Early Upper Paleolithic Assemblages from the Japanese Islands: A Case Study from the Musashino Upland Around Tokyo p. 18 - 30.


L.N. Mylnikova. Studying the Forms of Ancient Ware: Theoretical and Practical Aspects p. 31 - 43.

V.I. Molodin, L.N. Mylnikova, and D.P. Ivanova. A Morphological Analysis of Vessels from Middle Bronze Age (Early 2nd Millennium BC) Burials at Vengerovo, in the Irtysh Forest-Steppe p. 44 - 66.

Z.Y. Zharnikov, M.A. Rudkovskaya, G.P. Vizgalov, and V.S. Myglan. Dendrochronological Dating of Buildings in the Central Part of the Residential Area at the Staroturukhansk Fortifi ed Settlement p. 67 - 76.

S.F. Koksharov. Bronze Age Animal Figurines from the Taiga Zone of the Ob Region p. 77 - 81.

P.K. Dashkovskiy. Kurgans of the Yenisei Kyrgyz at the Chineta II Burial Ground in the Altai p. 82 - 89.

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I.V. Kovtun and A.G. Marochkin. The Dolgaya-1 Site and the Novoromanovo Rock Art Gallery: A Tentative Interpretation with Regard to Mythology and Seasonal Rites p. 101 - 110.

E.A. Sergusheva. Cultivated Plants of the Bohai Population of Primorye According to Archaeobotanical Data p. 111 - 118.


V.T. Sharapov and I.V. Zemtsova. Wood Painting Tradition of the Upper Vychegda Komi in the Late 19th – First Quarter of the 20th Century p. 119 - 125.

S.R. Kurmanova. Wedding Food of Germans Living in Siberia: Symbols and Signs p. 126 - 130.


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