Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology of Eurasia 34 (2) 2008
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Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology
of Eurasia

34 (2) 2008





A.P. Derevianko, J.W. Olsen, D. Tseveendorj, S.A. Gladyshev, T.I. Nokhrina, and A.V. Tabarev. New Insights into the Archaeological Record at Chikhen Agui Rockshelter (Mongolia) p. 2 - 12.

A.P. Derevianko, M.V. Shunkov, and P.V. Volkov. A Paleolithic Bracelet from Denisova Cave p. 13 - 25.

V.V. Pitulko. Principal Excavation Techniques under Permafrost Conditions (Based on Zhokhov and Yana Sites, Northern Yakutia) p. 26 - 33.

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I.V. Aseyev. Horseman Image on an Ostrich Eggshell Fragment p. 96 - 99.

Yu.N. Esin and Yu.I. Ozheredov. Gamma-shaped Artifacts from Western and Southern Siberia, the Urals, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia p. 100 - 111.


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E.E. Voytishek. A Historical and Ethnological Analysis of Intellectual Play in the Japanese Art of Incense Blending: The Banmono Board Play p. 122 - 132.

Gypsy Easter p. 133 - 142.


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