Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology of Eurasia 41 (3) 2013
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Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology
of Eurasia

41 (3) 2013





P. Skrdla The Bohunician in Moravia and Adjoining Regions p. 2 - 13.

A.V. Tabarev, J.C. Gillam, Y. Kanomata, and B. Gunchinsuren. A Paleolithic Cache at Tolbor (Northern Mongolia) p. 14 - 21.

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C. Lemmen. Mechanisms Shaping the Transition to Farming in Europe and the North American Woodland p. 48 - 58.


N.B. Vinogradov and N.A. Berseneva. Intramural Burials of Children at Bronze Age Sites in the Southern Urals (Early 2nd Millennium BC) p. 59 - 67.

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A.M. Yuminov, V.V. Zaykov, V.F.Korobkov, and V.V. Tkachev. Bronze Age Copper Mining in the Mugodzhary p. 87 - 96.


A.V. Baulo. An Ongoing Tradition: The Use of Russian Metal Dishware in Ob Ugrian Rites p. 97 - 106.

N.I. Shutova. The Spring Festival of Akaska / Bidzim Nunal Celebrated by the Southern Udmurts in the Late 19th–Early 20th Century p. 107 - 111.

A.K. Salmin. The Iranian Chapter in the History of the Chuvash p. 112 - 119.


M.B. Mednikova, M.V. Dobrovolskaya, B. Viola, A.V. Lavrenyuk, P.R. Kazansky, V.Y. Shklover, M.V. Shunkov, and A.P. Derevianko. A Micro Computerized Tomography (X-Ray Microscopy) of the Hand Phalanx of the Denisova Girl p. 120 - 125.

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International Symposium “Pottery in the Food Culture of the Peoples of the World” p. 151 - 154.

Rangifer Domus: Seminar in Severobaikalsk, July 6–9, 2012 p. 155 - 156.