P. Skrdla The Bohunician in Moravia and Adjoining Regions
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Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology
of Eurasia

41 (3) 2013




The Bohunician in Moravia and Adjoining Regions

P. Skrdla

The Middle to Upper Paleolithic transition in the Middle Danube area is characterized by the presence of two transitional technocomplexes, the Bohunician and the Szeletian, together with the early appearance of the Aurignacian. The Bohunician lacks a local predecessor and seems to be intrusive to the area. Both the Bohunician typology and technology combine Middle and the Upper Paleolithic components. Although the Bohunician sites are mostly concentrated within the Brno basin, collections with characteristic traces of Bohunician technology have been documented during the same interval in surrounding areas, as well as far to the south and east. A preliminary comparison of the sites indicates a high degree of similarity among assemblages and may represent the same expansion event hypothetically associated with anatomically modern humans.

Keywords: Bohunician, Bohunician technology, Levallois technology, Middle Danube, Moravia.