Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology of Eurasia 37 (1) 2009
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Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology
of Eurasia

37 (1) 2009





V.L. Kolomiets, S.A. Gladyshev, E.V. Bezrukova, E.P. Rybin, P.P. Letunova, and A.A. Abzaeva. Environment and Human Behavior in Northern Mongolia during the Upper Pleistocene p. 2 - 14.

G. Bar-Oz, A. Belfer-Cohen, T. Meshveliani, N. Jakeli, Z. Matskevich, and O. Bar-Yosef. Bear in Mind: Bear Hunting in the Mesolithic of the Southern Caucasus p. 15 - 24.


L.B. Kirtcho. L.B. Kirtcho. p. 25 - 33.

V.D. Kubarev. Two Bronze Age Steles in Gorny Altai p. 34 - 38.

T. Takeuchi, L.N. Mylnikova, S.P. Nesterov, N.A. Kulik, E.I. Derevianko, S.V. Alkin, and K. Nakamura. Electron Probe Microanalysis of the Paste from Ceramics of the Far East p. 39 - 51.

E.I. Narozhny and F.B. Narozhnaya. Eurasian Coins of the 13th century from the Northern Caucasus p. 52 - 61.

A.A. Karpukhin. Absolute Dendrochronological Scales of Archaeological Sites in European Russia p. 62 - 70.

M.I. Kulakova. A Dendrochronological Analysis of Wood from Pskov p. 71 - 76.

O.A. Tarabardina. Dendrochronological Studies of Medieval Novgorod (Based on the Findings of Archaeological Excavations 1991–2006) p. 77 - 84.

D.V. Cheremisin. On the Semantics of Animal Style Ornithomorphic Images in Pazyryk Ritual Artifacts p. 85 - 94.


A.V. Baulo. Treasures of the Sacred River p. 95 - 100.

A.A. Badmaev. Everyday Diet of the Buryats in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries p. 101 - 109.

D.G. Korovushkin. The Ethnic Environment of Diasporas in Western Siberia p. 110 - 117.

E.A. Volzhanina. Demography of the Siberian Nenets in the First Third of the 20th Century p. 118 - 128.

Modern Altai Crafts p. 129 - 135.


I.I. Gokhman and A.V. Gromov. Human Crania from the Tes Burial Ground, Kamenka III: The Analysis of Metric and Nonmetric Traits p. 136 - 145.

A.L. Purundzhan and I. Borovsky. Analysis of Temporal Anthropometric Changes in Various Groups of Israeli Males p. 146 - 150.

The International Conference on the Neolithic of the Sea of Japan Basin (Vladivostok, 17–18 March, 2008), dedicated to the centenary of the prominent Russian archaeologist Aleksey Pavlovich Okladnikov, was co-sponsored by academic institutions in Russia and Japan. The Conference addressed a wide range of archaeological issues including paleoenvironmental reconstruction, computer modeling, the potential of GIS technologies, and A.P. Okladnikov’s contribution to Far Eastern and world prehistory. p. 151 - 153.


Natalia Borisovna Chernykh p. 154 - 155.

Vladimir Pavlovich Mylnikov p. 156 - 157.