G.A. Aksyanova. Russkoye Ustye: Anthropological Study
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Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology
of Eurasia

43 (3) 2015




Russkoye Ustye: Anthropological Study

G.A. Aksyanova.

Results of a new multidisciplinary study of the descendants of Russian Old Settlers in Siberia are outlined. In the summer 2013, 216 adults and schoolchildren, Russians and Siberian natives, were studied at Russkoye Ustye on the Indigirka River, Yakutia, with regard to origin, ethnic identity, surnames, and physical type. This is an admixed group revealing mostly Caucasoid and, to a lesser extent, Mongoloid ties, and trait-combinations are occasionally mosaic. Based on the combination of diagnostic features, the closest groups are northern Komi and northern Russians, as well as admixed populations of the contact zone between Europe and Asia.

Keywords: Russians, Old Settlers, Yakutia, Russkoye Ustye, physical anthropology, ethnic identity, surnames, population, physical type, admixture.