E.P. Matochkin. Petroglyphs on the Poperechnaya Krasnoyarka River
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Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology
of Eurasia

37 (4) 2009




Petroglyphs on the Poperechnaya Krasnoyarka River

E.P. Matochkin.

The current article describes a new petroglyphic site in the upper reaches of the Poperechnaya Krasnoyarka River in the Ust-Koksa Region of the Altai Republic. Engravings were found on massive slabs exposed above the earth’s surface. The petroglyphs mostly include pecked images of Siberian maral deer as well as carved and partially abraded representations of elk. Among the representations discovered engraved anthropomorphic images are of particular interest. The petroglyphs at Poperechnaya Krasnoyarka and those of the nearby sanctuary at Zelenoye Ozero demonstrate the emergence of distinctive features of Karakol-Okunev art in the Altai during the Middle Bronze Age.

Keywords: Petroglyphic site, engraved images, Karakol-Okunev art, Middle Bronze Age.