Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology of Eurasia 40 (1) 2012
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Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology
of Eurasia

40 (1) 2012





N.K. Anisyutkin, S.I. Kovalenko, V.A. Burlacu, A.K. Ocherednoi, and A.L. Chepalyga. Bairaki – a Lower Paleolithic Site on the Lower Dniester p. 2 - 10.

K.A. Kolobova, A.I. Krivoshapkin, K.K. Pavlenok, D. Flas, A.P. Derevianko, and U.I Islamov. The Denticulate Mousterian as a Supposedly Distinct Facies in Western Central Asia p. 11 - 23.

M.-H. Moncel, L. Chiotti, C. Gaillard, G. Onoratini, and D. Pleurdeau. Non-utilitarian Lithic Objects from the European Paleolithic p. 24 - 40.


E.A. Kashina and N.M. Chairkina. Decorated Birch-Bark Artifacts from Section VI of the Gorbunovsky Peat-Bog p. 41 - 48.

V.V. Tkachev. An Alakul Funeral and Ritual Site in the Eastern Orenburg Region p. 49 - 57.

N.B. Krylasova. Medieval Amulet Illustrating the Divine Horseman Myth, Rozhdestveno, Perm Territory p. 58 - 61.

A.L. Zaika. Face Images in Lower Angara Rock Art p. 62 - 75.

E.M. Kolpakov and V.Y. Shumkin. Boats in the Rock Art of Kanozero and Northern Europe p. 76 - 81.

A.V. Epimakhov. New Data on Bronze Age Jewelry in the Southeastern Urals p. 82 - 87.

T.A. Klimova. The Old Russian Male Funerary Attire (Based on Finds from the 10th–11th Century Burial Mounds at Gochevo, Central Russia) p. 88 - 96.

V.P. Mylnikov. Investigation of Wooden Burial Structures in the Process of Archaeological Excavations p. 97 - 107.

S.V. Bolshov. A Contribution to the Study of the Eastern Links of the Bronze Age Culture of the Northern Middle Volga p. 108 - 113.

Z.V. Dode. Secular Imagery in the Islamic Space of Medieval Zirikhgeran p. 114 - 121.

Y.S. Hudiakov and K.Y. Belinskaya. Stone Statue of Ailyan, Gorny Altai p. 122 - 130.

N.G. Artemieva. Jurchen Pendants of the Netsuke Type p. 131 - 137.


E.E. Ermakova. Elements of Religious Ritualism in Popular Medicine among the Izhma Komi of the Lower Ob Region p. 138 - 144.


V.G. Moiseyev and V.I. Khartanovich. Early Metal Age Crania from Bolshoy Oleniy Island, Barents Sea p. 145 - 154.


Professor N.A. Tomilov Celebrates his 70th Year p. 155 - 156.