Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology of Eurasia 47 (2) 2019
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ISSN 1563 0110

Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology
of Eurasia

47 (2) 2019


DOI: 10.17746/1563-0110.2019.47.2



I. Karavanić and N. Vukosavljević. Late Middle and Early Upper Paleolithic of the Eastern Adriatic and the Problem of the Regional Middle/Upper Paleolithic Interface p. 3 - 12.

M. Iserlis. Insight into Ceramic Technologies at the Maikop Site of Ust-Dzheguta, Karachay-Cherkessia p. 13 - 23.


S.N. Korenevskiy. Chalcolithic and Bronze Age (4th to 3rd Millennia BC) Burials with Gold Ornaments in the Caucasian Mineral Waters Area p. 24 - 32.

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A.V. Pachkalov. Finds of Medieval Coins from Eski-Yurt, Crimea p. 77 - 83.

M.P. Chernaya and S.F. Tataurov. Children’s Games in the Sociocultural Space of a Siberian Town: Historical and Archaeological Context p. 84 - 92.

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