Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology of Eurasia 46 (4) 2018
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ISSN 1563 0110

Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology
of Eurasia

46 (4) 2018


DOI: 10.17746/1563-0110.2018.46.4



А.V. Tetenkin, О.V. Zhmur, E.I. Demonterova, E.V. Kaneva, and N.V. Salnaya. Ivory Figurines and the Symbolic Context of a Paleolithic Dwelling at Kovrizhka IV on the Lower Vitim River, Eastern Siberia p. 3 - 12.

T.V. Kornienko. On the Interpretation of Stelae in the Cult Complexes of Northern Mesopotamia During the Pre-Pottery Neolithic p. 13 - 21.

V.E. Medvedev and I.V. Filatova. A Study of Finds from Excavation I at Suchu Island, the Lower Amur (the 1974 Field Season) p. 22 - 32.


O.I. Goriunova and A.G. Novikov. Jade Artifacts from Bronze Age Cemeteries in the Cis-Olkhon Area, the Western Coast of Lake Baikal p. 33 - 41.

I.A. Kukushkin and E.A. Dmitriev. Sherubai-1: An Andronovo (Fedorovka) Cemetery in Central Kazakhstan p. 42 - 48.

V.P. Mylnikov. Technologies Involved in Manufacturing Wooden Horns for the Ceremonial Masks of Horses from the Pazyryk Tombs in the Altai p. 49 - 58.

T.M. Kuznetsova. On the Time and Context of the Earliest Bronze Mirrors in the Northern Pontic Region p. 59 - 66.

M.A. Ochir-Goryaeva. Procession of Horsemen on a Gold Plaque from the Siberian Collection of Peter I p. 67 - 73.

D.V. Pozdnyakov, S.A. Pilipenko, Z. Orozbekova, O.L. Shvets, L.O. Ponedelchenko, Z.V. Marchenko, and A.E. Grishin. A Mongolian Era Female Headdress from the Upper Ob Basin p. 74 - 82.

D.A. Gavrilov and M.K. Khabdulina. Ancient Irrigated Soils of the Bozok Archaeological District, Northern Kazakhstan (11th to 12th Centuries) p. 83 - 93.


А.А. Badmaev. Chthonic Animals in the Traditional Buryat Culture p. 94 - 99.

A.Y. Mainicheva, S.G. Skobelev, and D.Y. Berezhenko. Reconstruction of Wooden and Earthen Buildings in 17th to 18th-Century Russian Forts in Siberia: The Case of the Sayansky Ostrog p. 100 - 108.

V.S. Myglan, Z.Y. Zharnikov, M.O. Sidorova, V.V. Barinov, and A.V. Tainik. Application of the Blue-Intensity Method for Dating Wooden Buildings in Siberia p. 109 - 113.

A.V. Shustov. The Eastern Slavic Population of Central Asia After the Collapse of the USSR: Ethno-Demographic Processes p. 114 - 122.


A.S. Pilipenko, S.V. Cherdantsev, R.O. Trapezov, T.A. Chikisheva, D.V. Pozdnyakov, and V.I. Molodin. An Unusual Burial of a Xiongnu-Sarmatian Era Warrior in the Western Siberian Forest-Steppe: Results of a Paleogenetic Analysis p. 123 - 131.

S.S. Tur, S.S. Matrenin, and V.I. Soenov. Armed Violence Among the Altai Mountains Pastoralists of the Xiongnu-Sarmatian Age p. 132 - 139.

V.K. Fedorov, A.I. Nechvaloda, and Y.V. Rafi kova. “Abandoned, Tied, Flexed”: An Anthropological Study of an Unusual Late Sarmatian Burial in the Southeastern Urals p. 140 - 148.


To the 70th Birthday of Vyacheslav Ivanovich Molodin p. 149 - 151.

To the 70th Anniversary of Vladimir Pavlovich Mylnikov p. 152 - 153.