Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology of Eurasia 46 (3) 2018
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ISSN 1563 0110

Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology
of Eurasia

46 (3) 2018


DOI: 10.17746/1563-0110.2018.46.3



A.P. Derevianko, A.V. Kandyba, Nguyen Khac Su, S.A. Gladyshev, Nguyen Gia Doi, V.A. Lebedev, A.M. Chekha, A.G. Rybalko, V.M. Kharevich, and A.A. Tsybankov. The Discovery of a Bifacial Industry in Vietnam p. 3 - 21.

V.A. Alakbarov. Technological Development of the Neolithic Pottery at Göytepe (West Azerbaijan) p. 22 - 31.

G.T. Omurova, V.V. Barinov, O.V. Kardash, E.A. Vaganov, and V.S. Myglan. Reconstruction of Extreme Paleoclimatic Events in Northwestern Siberia Using Ancient Wood from Fort Nadym p. 32 - 40.


L.I. Avilova and A.N. Gey. On the Construction Features of Wheeled Vehicles in Iran and Mesopotamia (Third to First Millennia BC) p. 41 - 48.

V.I. Molodin, I.A. Durakov, L.N. Mylnikova, and M.S. Nesterova. The Adaptation of the Seima-Turbino Tradition to the Bronze Age Cultures in the South of the West Siberian Plain p. 49 - 58.

A.P. Borodovsky. A Half of a Metal Bipartite Mold of the Seima-Turbino Period from the Upper Irtysh Region p. 59 - 65.

V.A. Borzunov. Zotino III: An Early Iron Age Metallurgical Center in the Trans-Urals p. 66 - 74.

A.S. Fedoruk, D.V. Papin, and O.A. Fedoruk. Middle and Late Bronze Age House-Building in the Steppe and Forest-Steppe Altai p. 75 - 82.

K.V. Kononchuk and A.G. Marochkin. Artistic Metalwork Found Near the Tomskaya Pisanitsa p. 83 - 91.

P.O. Senotrusova and P.V. Mandryka. Cultural Ties Across Taiga and Steppe: Material Culture from the Medieval Lower Angara River and Prospikhinskaya Shivera IV p. 92 - 99.

A.Y. Borisenko and Y.S. Hudiakov. Bronze Plaques from Northern Kyrgyzstan with Representations of Horsemen p. 100 - 106.

V.V. Tishin. Kimak and Chu-mu-kun 處木昆: Notes on an Identification p. 107 - 113.


S.G. Zhambalova. Traditional Buryat Burials: Changes and Stereotypes p. 114 - 121.

A.V. Baulo. Substitute Offering: An Ob Ugrian Ritual Tradition Surviving in the 20th and Early 21st Century p. 122 - 128.

A.A. Lyutsidarskaya and N.A. Berezikov. Seventeenth Century Siberia as a Land of Opportunity: Social Mobility Among the Russian Pioneers p. 129 - 137.


A.V. Zubova, V.G. Moiseev, G.A. Khlopachev, and A.M. Kulkov. Deciduous Human Teeth from the Upper Paleolithic Site of Yudinovo, Western Russia p. 138 - 145.

M.O. Vergeles. Realism of Face Depiction in Portraiture p. 146 - 152.


To the 65th Birthday of Mikhail Vasilievich Shunkov p. 153 - 155.

To the Anniversary of Evgeniya Ivanovna Derevianko p. 156 - 157.