Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology of Eurasia 27 (3) 2006
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Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology
of Eurasia

27 (3) 2006





P.V. Volkov, A.P. Derevianko, and V.E. Medvedev. Late Pleistocene to Middle Holocene Foraging Strategies in the Middle and Lower Amur Basin p. 2 - 15.

N.K. Anisyutkin and V.I. Timofeyev. The Paleolithic Flake Industry in Vietnam p. 16 - 24.

Y.E. Vostretsov. Turning Points in the Cultural Evolution of Prehistoric Primorye p. 25 - 32.


L.A. Bobrov and Y.S. Hudiakov. Mongolian Ceremonial Helmets of the Late Medieval Period from the State Hermitage Museum Collection p. 33 - 40.

V.D. Kubarev. Myths and Rituals Impressed in Petroglyphs of the Altai p. 41 - 54.

E.B. Vadetskaya and L.S. Gavrilenko. Plaster Masks of the Yenisei Mummies: Technology and Painting p. 55 - 66.

E.E. Antipina and A. Morales. Archaeozoological Approach to Complexity: Animal Remains from Two Metallurgical Sites from the Eastern and Western Corners of Europe p. 67 - 81.

L.N. Ermolenko. On the Meaning of Certain Stylistic Features in the Faces of Ancient Turkic Sculptures p. 82 - 88.

D.V. Cheremisin. Toward a Discussion on the Information Content of Petroglyphs and the Methods of their Study p. 89 - 100.


O.V. Golubkova. Ethno-Cultural Interaction of the Northern Komi-Zyrians and the Russians in the Realm of Sacral Symbolism p. 101 - 111.

Yu.E. Berezkin. Folklore-Mythological Parallels among Peoples of Western Siberia, Northeastern Asia, and the Lower Amur – Primorye Region p. 112 - 122.

Summer. Peasant Trades in the Land of Soloneshnoye: From the Past to the Future p. 123 - 138.


E.S. Aristova, T.A. Chikisheva, A.M. Seidman, A.N. Mashak, and Y.A. Khoroshevskaya. Pituitary Dwarfi sm in an Early Bronze Age Individual from Tuva p. 139 - 147.

A.P. Buzhilova, M.V. Dobrovolskaya, and M.B. Mednikova. Injuries on Human Skeletal Remains from Sopka-2 and their Relevance for Social Relationships among the Baraba Steppe Populations p. 148 - 156.