Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology of Eurasia 28 (4) 2006
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Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology
of Eurasia

28 (4) 2006





International Symposium “Early Human Habitation of Central, Northern, and Eastern Asia: Archaeological and Paleoecological Aspects” p. 2 - 7.

A. Yaroshevich. Techno-morphological Aspects of Microlithic Projectile Implements: Examples from the Levantine Geometric Kebaran and the East European Epigravettian p. 8 - 17.

J.A. Svoboda. Prehistory of the Southern Bahariya Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt. An Outline p. 18 - 30.

G.K. Lee. Lithic Technology and the Transition from the Middle to Upper Paleolithic in Korea p. 31 - 37.

A. Ono. Flaked Bone Tools and the Middle to Upper Paleolithic Transition: A Brief Perspective p. 38 - 47.

H. Winter. Middle and Upper Paleolithic Sites in the Lower Jordan Valley p. 48 - 57.

A. Sekiya. Ground-Stone Axes in the Upper Paleolithic of Japan p. 58 - 62.

N. Alperson-Afi l and N. Goren-Inbar. Out of Africa and into Eurasia with Controlled Use of Fire: Evidence from Gesher Benot Ya‘aqov, Israel p. 63 - 78.


V.V. Gorbunov and A.A. Tishkin. Weapons of the Gorny Altai Nomads in the Hunnu Age p. 79 - 85.

O.V. Diakova. Prehistoric and Medieval Fortifi cations in the Zerkalnaya (Tadushi) River Basin p. 86 - 95.

O.Yu. Zimina and L.N. Mylnikova. NULLPottery from the Eastern Variation of the Itkul Culture (Based on Finds from the Yurtoborovsky Archaeological Microregion in the Lower Pritobolie) p. 96 - 114.

V.I. Molodin. The Necropolis of Chicha-1 and the Burial Rite of Late Bronze to Early Iron Age Peoples of the Baraba Forest-Steppe Zone p. 115 - 121.

M.J. Kim, S.S. Park, G.D. Bok, Y.H. Choi, I.S. Lee, K.J. Shin, G.R. Han, M. Youn, S.H. Han, I.W. Kang, B.S. Chang, Y.J. Cho, Y.H. Chung, and D.H. Shin. Medieval Mummy from Yangju p. 122 - 129.

V.O. Myglan, I.Y. Sljusarenko, O.Ch. Oidupaa, and Y.N. Garkusha. The Royal Tomb of Arjan-2, Tuva: A Dendrochronological Study p. 130 - 138.


L.N. Zhukova. Adaptive Changes in the Clothing of Ancient Immigrants in the North: The Case of Pullover Clothing among Siberian Natives p. 139 - 143.

Autumn. Weddings in Yakonur. The Clan Movement among the Altai Natives: The Past and Present p. 143 - 157.